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    ARAM ENTERPRISES, INC. is a pioneer in the Recruitment Industry with an impeccable record and "Excellent" standing with the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), its Employers and workers. We specialize in deploying professionals and skilled craftsmen in the Middle East, Africa and Asian countries.

    Aram is a dynamic and diversified Agency that supports numerous reputable Companies of all sizes spread in various industries which reflects our depth and versatility. This was designed to widen our market, withstand the cyclical nature of some industries, take advantage of surging sectors and spread the risks and uncertainties. Our professionalism, honesty, Integrity, commitment to Employers and its Workers are beyond reproach. We abide by the highest standard of ethics, our willingness to take on big challenges and see them through, our competency and expertise, efficiency and effectiveness are examples of what a Recruitment Agency should be. Simply put, we are an Agency emulated by most Agencies. Loyalty to its Employers, service to its Workers, and ability to work under extreme pressure are the cornerstone of this company. We have been tested and proven to provide only the best trained and most qualified workers.


    Our mission at Aram Enterprises Inc. is to connect highly qualified and skilled Filipino job seekers with the best job opportunities available in the world. We are committed to providing exceptional recruitment services to both our clients and candidates, ensuring that we help them achieve their respective goals.


    Our vision at Aram Enterprises Inc. is to become the leading recruitment agency in the Philippines by providing unparalleled services to our clients and candidates. We aim to be recognized for our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to helping Filipinos build fulfilling careers and contributing to the growth and success of our clients' businesses. We strive to be a company that is respected for its integrity, reliability, and commitment to excellence in everything we do.

    Why Choose Us

    Experience: Our team has years of experience in the recruitment industry, and we have successfully placed over 25 thousand candidates across various industries.

    Extensive Network: We have a vast network of candidates and industry professionals that we can tap into to find the right candidates for your organization.

    Flexibility: We understand that every business is unique and we offer flexible solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Quality Service: We are committed to providing quality service to our clients and candidates. We ensure that we understand your requirements and provide you with the best candidates.

    Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help your business find the right candidates to drive your growth and success.

    We will work closely with your team to understand your business, culture, and requirements to provide you with the right candidates for your organization. We handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including job postings, candidate screening, interviewing, and on-boarding.

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